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 More Konnan News

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PostSubject: More Konnan News   More Konnan News Icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2007 6:38 am


Konnan was hospitalized yesterday in Tijuana, Mexico with problems that stem from his kidney replacement surgery. His body was rejecting the donor kidney. He will remain in the hospital until tomorrow, at the earliest, and will remain under observations. If his body doesn’t respond well to the anti-rejection drugs, he will be held longer.

In related news, Konnan was scheduled to make his return to AAA this week at their TV tapings, this is obviously not going to happen.


-- TNA recently sent Konnan a letter saying he had been suspended for no-showing TV. Even after he quit. There is some talk that the company may file suit against him, but others have advised against it because of the feeling that with Konnan, the case could get "really dirty

My prayers go out and I hope those drugs work soon enough

After reading this thread, it's obvious TNA management are assholes. Konnan is in bad health and all they can be worried about is someone missing tv....what jerks. Fuck TNA
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More Konnan News
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