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 HHH Takes Shots in WWE magazine

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PostSubject: HHH Takes Shots in WWE magazine   HHH Takes Shots in WWE magazine Icon_minitimeFri Jul 27, 2007 4:26 pm

The latest issue of WWE Magazine features Triple H on the cover. Inside the magazine is an interview with him to hype his forthcoming return to the ring. Here is what Triple H had to say regarding young stars in the locker room who are waiting to be made into main event stars like him. At the end of his response, he seems to be talking about Carlito when he talks about wrestlers who don't capitalize on working with someone like Ric Flair:

Question: Explain a workplace-related issue that causes you trouble:

Triple H: I see a million guys who think, "I'm the best of the new guys." Well, that's not saying much. Do you want to be the best of the new guys, or do you want to be the best guy here? They sit back and they're just waiting for somebody to make them a star. Nobody makes you a star, you make yourself a star. When the fans are going crazy for you whether positively or negatively then you have something to promote. No one made Triple H. I did. The problem is lack of patience. Early on in my career, I was very impatient and wanted more to be more than I was ready to be. But as time went on, I was glad I didn't get it so early, because I wasn't ready. Now guys come in the door and half of them don't have a clue. I see guys on TV, against the likes of Ric Flair, and they simply can't capitalize on that. If you can't capitalize on working with one of the biggest stars ever in the history of this business, you're not doing something right. You need to evaluate what you're doing and stop blaming everyone else.
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HHH Takes Shots in WWE magazine
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