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PostSubject: Benoit Copycat   Benoit Copycat Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2007 4:48 pm

Devil Bhudakhan, an independent wrestler from Pittsburgh, committed suicide by hanging himself on 7/12 or 7/13. His body was found on 7/15. His real name was James Fawcett, and according to reports, idolized and patterned his wrestling style after Chris Benoit. Apparently the wrestler, 31, was despondent over his wife leaving him five weeks earlier.

(credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

This seems more like it's a Mike Awesome copycat. I know he idolized Benoit but he killed himself because of his wife leaving (like Awesome), he didn't kill his wife and kid first

Still it's sad another wrestler is dead at such a young age
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Benoit Copycat
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