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 Best Matches Never To Happen

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PostSubject: Best Matches Never To Happen   Best Matches Never To Happen Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2007 4:45 pm

Brian Danielson vs HBK-I'ed mark for this trainer vs student match, wheter it would happen in WWE, ROH or where ever

Robbie Brookside vs Matt Hardy-mainly becuase I am a huge robbie brookside mark and the fact that it was painful to watch him job to the Mcmahons and Umaga.

Also CM PUnk vs Benoit...damn! we were so close of getting to see it. Unfortuantly circumstances stopped that from happening.

Alex Shane vs Shane Douglas-another i would of marked for


Alex shelley vs Chris Jericho

Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart-This easily could of been match of the century imo
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Best Matches Never To Happen
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