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 Heat On TNA Wrestler, Konnan Gets TNA Legal Letter

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PostSubject: Heat On TNA Wrestler, Konnan Gets TNA Legal Letter   Wed Jul 25, 2007 4:24 pm

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As noted over the weekend, Johnny Ace has brought up the name of TNA wrestler Lance Hoyt. He said that Hoyt has been calling some WWE officials about joining the company. Hoyt claims that he can get out of TNA with no problem. UPDATE: Hoyt now denies the claim because he's still with TNA but we stick by our original report.

There was some heat among the young TNA wrestlers because Sonjay Dutt suffered a shoulder tear and the doctor hold him he needed an MRI. Terry Taylor told Dutt that the company wouldn't pay for it and that he needs to come up with the money himself.

TNA sent Konnan a legal letter because he was being suspended for missing the two past shows without giving word. In a sense, telling people that he quit would be given word, but suspending someone after he quit is just a technicality anyway. TNA also requested for Konnan to pay the company back the money they lent to him for his hip replacement surgery. They also told him that while under suspension he cannot denigrate the company in a public setting.


TNA are reallly tight as far as money go. Flame WWE all you want, but atleast vince alot of times pays for shit when needed(ask William regal for proof).
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PostSubject: Re: Heat On TNA Wrestler, Konnan Gets TNA Legal Letter   Thu Jul 26, 2007 1:43 pm

Lance Hoyt does look like he'd fit well in the WWE...i don't think he'd get far..but hell he's not going anywhere in TNA either..i'd say he has a better chance of holding a Title in WWE than TNA.
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Heat On TNA Wrestler, Konnan Gets TNA Legal Letter
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