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 Jackass angle Dropped

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PostSubject: Jackass angle Dropped   Wed Jul 25, 2007 4:18 pm

- As we saw on RAW last night, it appeared RAW setup Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy for SummerSlam, and that match will indeed go down. The planned Jackass vs. Umaga match has been cancelled. Sometime during the last week the deal fell apart. WWE had planned on some of the Jackass guys being at the Great American Bash PPV and do some of their stunts on Umaga all night and end up costing Umaga the title in the Hardy match which would have setup Umaga vs. Jackass at Summerslam.



Well thankfuck for that.

Didn't really care to be honest and also they wouldn't really contribute anything to the program or whatnot anyway, so it's kinda good idea to drop the thing.

Why have guy's on the program who once drank horse sperm??? lol
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Jackass angle Dropped
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