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 Edge's Serious Injury, PPV Buyrates

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Edge's Serious Injury, PPV Buyrates Empty
PostSubject: Edge's Serious Injury, PPV Buyrates   Edge's Serious Injury, PPV Buyrates Icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2007 4:05 pm

Quote :
Prior to his injury, Edge was scheduled for a long title reign as World Heavyweight champion and to be a top star on Smackdown.

WWE received some good PPV numbers for the Judgment Day PPV, which did about 245,000 buys, the best number for a "B" PPV show since last year's Unforgiven. Last year's Judgment Day did 252,000 PPV buys.

Wrestling observer

Personally I don't like WWE's plan of putting all three brands together on every PPV, but I admit that it as worked so far in terms of buyrates. I expect though to see GAB as a drop.
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Edge's Serious Injury, PPV Buyrates
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